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  1. Ahh yes. The third and final installment of my "try new things for the hell of it" week.

    In honor of the Georgia Assquatch hoaxters…. 

  2. Read the first trade, loved it, and now want to jump onto the single issues. If I pick up this and my LCS still has #10, I should be set for the current arc, correct? Did #s 6-9 constitute an entire arc, or were there some one-shots in there?

  3. #6, #7 and #8 made up an arc called "The Company of Men"

    #9 was a one-shot.

  4. Thanks, deadspace.

  5. Is this any good – the cover is fantasic!

  6. This book is incredible.  This is the second issue of a current arc (so go pickup #10 while you are grabbing this one).  If you really want to trade yourself buy the first trade Proof: Volume One – The Goatsucker for $9.99 (5 issues inside of that trade).

    My favorite book out there PERIOD.

  7. I am really digging what was set up in the first issue of this arc. You can really see them fleshing out the Proof universe. And more sweet Rossmo art!!!

  8. @Notahiro – See for yourself here and here.

  9. i want a ink monkey

  10. Beautiful art and fantastic story telling.

  11. @ imadeadpool

    If you find one grab me one too – then again Ink Monkey kinda reminded me of "gremlins" – cute until you feed them after midnight :-O

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