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  1. Anyone reading this that thinks the devil is the most interesting character

  2. I love him, yeah. Read this issue, read the vol.2 prologue and man, I’m totally looking forward to the 3 minis and the vol.2 now!!

    No more than 68 picks?? I’m suprised. This is sold out hit at my LCS every time it comes out.

  3. Did anyone else feel like "The Owl" that was revealed on the last page looked an awful lot like Batman of Zur-En-Arrh from the current RIP storyline.  I doubt it is a swipe, as my understanding of this series is that these are old characters being brought back into the mainstream, but the resemblance is uncanny (purple, yellow, and red as primary colors and the cowl with pointed ears).

    This issue was interesting, but I doubt I will continue with the series.  The interior art is mediocre at best and the abundance of characters seems to be hampering the storytelling.  Did the Devil even get a word in in this issue (joke)?  But seriously, he was in like one scene, right?

  4. I thought the owl looked like black panther, and  I will continue this series because I find the devil intersting and some of the new characters from the prelude.  The burning eagle is one.

  5. @Cyberauron – I am glad you like it.  It was interesting, but the flaws outweigh the strengths, in my opinion.  I am going to give the whole first volume a good reread and then decide for sure if I will drop. 

    Now that you mention it I do see the resemblance with the Black Panther.  Good call.  I thought the burning eagle was interesting, too, but doesn’t it seem like there are simply too many characters now?

  6. If only Ross was drawing this, OMG.
    The art looks good on Masquerade and on Black Terror, though.

  7. @stulach There is too many character, but unlike this first series they have three minis and a second series to flush them out. Plus Beside this last issue I believe they did a good story with the 7 plus charcters they had

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