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  1. Does anyone who pulled the issue (or the issues before) a problem with the book, because it is really annoying to read and the art in my opinion doesn’t fit the story.

  2. The book has been pretty disappointing after getting my hopes up with that great zero issue. I don’t like Carlos Paul’s art, and none of the issues so far have been particularly satisfying. So far this has been the best of the bunch and, yes, it wasn’t all that great. But it was just enough for me to want to buy the next issue. Though honestly, I’m starting to feel like the only reason I keep buying this is for the covers.

  3. I really don’t know what people have against this book.  I freaking love it.  For me it’s very entertaining and each issue piques my interest about things going on in this world.  Sorry guys I like this one… a lot.

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