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  1. I’m looking forward to this so much. I can’t believe how little hype there has been.

  2. I’m sure the hype’s there.  I know i’m holding my breath with anticipation.


    *began dancing and singing the song "Happy Happy Joy Joy" and subsequently creeped out his roommates. 

  4. FUCKING A!!

  5. That’s all they had to say to get me hooked: "Price $3.95"

  6. I thought this was a reprint at first. If not, yay!

  7. Goddammit.  I dont’ remember anything from the last few arcs.  Looks like I’ll have a lot of re-reading before wednesday.

    This was probably my favorite comic before they took their break.  Can’t wait!

  8. I really haven’t read past the first few trades. I really this is one of those "good jumping on points", but will I feel like I’m missing anything?

  9. @brianbaer – last time they re-booted to a #1 (for the move to Marvel), it was a great jumping on point.  Bendis changed the status quo enough to put longtime readers and new ones on the same level

  10. anyone know when the tv show is coming out?

  11. Gonna pick this up, but wont be able to read it yet. I’ve just recently been collecting all the previous Powers issues and haven’t caught up on them all yet. I’m still really looking forward to when I do get to read it though.

  12. Oy dare I read this before catching up on all of the rest of the issues before it? I bought the Encyclopedia last week just in case… didn’t Bendis say this was going to be totally accessible for new readers??

  13. This one of my favorite comics of all time. He can write as many mediocre superhero team books as long as I keep getting by powers fix.

  14. Never read Powers before, jumping on here…wish me luck!

  15. @cooper you may want to get some background on wikipedia.  otherwise you may be a little lost, unless Bendis gives a rundown in the first part of the issue.

  16. @vadamowens Thanks for the advice!

    To be honest, it would be silly if this wasn’t accessible to new readers. I’ll give it a shot without any ‘research’ – if I have trouble I’ll wiki stuff. So, um, we’ll see.

  17. Creators throw the term "jumping-on point" around a little too loosely, if you ask me. I hope this will work, though.

  18. I’ve only read the first Powers arc (Who Killed Retro Girl) and I had a pretty good grasp of what was happening in this story.  But I was a little lost on some parts.  I should probably get the encyclopedia anyway to get more out of the story.  Great opener…excited for this series.

  19. That this is a hard rather than soft reboot gives me no confidence whatsoever that this book will come out in any kind of way that’s timely. That’s fine, but I’m going to trade-wait on this because I’ve been burned by the all-new-all-different-this-time-we-have-our-shit-together Powers thing way too many times. Don’t get me wrong, I love this book. I love it, love it, love it, love it. I just feel like they should put it on a "it comes out when it comes out schedule". We know y’all aren’t making your money here.

  20. @BrianBaer I think there may be a little of that, but I think the larger problem is that readers get scared off when they don’t understand every little thing. The Wire isn’t UNWATCHABLE if you start with season four, but you’re going to have a better time if you watch seasons 1-3 first.

  21. the pacing in this felt slightly wierd, and i cant help but wonder if thats Oeming’s involvement with cowriting.  and he’s using a different visual language than before and im not sure how i feel about it.

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