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  1. 35 pulls???

    Are you all insane? 

  2. This is a criminally low number of pulls.

  3. Well it’s nice to see it’s picked up a little from my first indignant post.  BUt still this should be WAAAAY higher.  This arc especially has been fantastic.

     You all like Superheroes right?  You like crime fiction right?

    Get on this book!!!!

  4. I have to assume many people are picking this up in trade because this book is one of the best comics out. 

  5. I am buying this in issues, but I don’t blame people waiting for the trade with the irregular publishing schedule.

  6. I’m going to check out the trades myself, but I’m really sceptical.  A couple months ago when I started looking at Marvel, I read about ten issues each of Mighty and New Avengers once I had figured out what Secret Invasion was based out of, and the dialogue was so incredibly clunky and amateurish on almost every page that I wondered how Bendis became such a big name.  I’ve dropped both those titles, and I got the first three SI but don’t plan to get the fourth–at least not now.  It’s been a while, though, and now that i have more understanding of mainstream comics, I’m planning to reevaluate Bendis sometime.  I’m guessing Powers is a good place to start.

  7. Was #28 the beginning of a new arc?

  8. @jobob247 No. This arc started with issue 25, which was a pick of the week about nine months ago…

  9. You know, I read this book in trades all the way through TPB #11, but since I switched to singles (really only because I needed more Bendis more often!), I’ve found that the wealth of supplemental material in each issue (interviews, letters column, news, etc.) more than makes it worthwhile to buy it this way.  This is the rare comic that goes out of its way to make single issues a rewarding choice for the reader.

    And boy was this issue amazing!

  10. i just gotta say, to all those who cry that this isn’t a higher pull, stop. i’m not sayin this is bad, its just not  everyones thing. its probably written great, but if its not a story people are clickin with, why read it. its so irritating to hear how ‘if you don’t like this, you don’t like good comics.’ not so. i love good comics, just not this one.

    and i’ve given this book 2 trades. 2. 

    i don’t hate bendis, quite the opposite, just not this bendis.

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