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Satanna is back in town with her animal menagerie in tow to terrorize Power Girl. The villainess tries to succeed where her former lover, the Ultra-Humanite couldn’t. This time, though, Satanna has a secret weapon Power Girl won’t see coming.

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art and cover by Amanda Conner

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Giving this one shot due to Conor’s zest for this book.  Plus, I didn’t even realize who was writing it.

  2. @vadamowens: I never would have picked this up, but I got last issue based on it being Conor’s POTW. It was a fun read, so I am back on to check this out. If I recall from the POTW article, the first trade is on its way pretty soon, too.

  3. Well I’m not promising anything, but I’m pretty confidant I will like it.

  4. Yeah… this book’s pretty awesome.  The writing’s good, but I give (almost) all the credit to Amanda Conner.

    Also, Conner’s right.  If you like this, read Batgirl. It does for modern age stories what Power Girl does for Silver Age stories. 

  5. Errr, Conor I mean.  See? That’s how good the art is in this book, I can’t not think about it.

  6. Oh I read Batgirl all right…and I fucking love it.  Well, except the last issue, but I think I was a little too hard on it. (That’s what she said)

  7. I want to see the evil genius skunk in this one.

  8. @vadamowens:

    I’m pretty sure the shop I go to has a few of last week’s Batgirl issue laying around. Do you think that issue is indicative of the series as a whole? Maybe I’ll pick it up this week…

  9. @HailScott

    #5 and #7 are good jumping on points, despite #7 being part 3 of an arc.  If you’re willing to invest a little more money, I’d say start at #5.  I feel that’s the best issue so far.  If you read Red Robin, you could also wait for next month’s issue since it’s a crossover, just in case it ends up not being your thing.  Then maybe go back in case it is. 

  10. @Hailscott.  Even though I was hard on the last issue, it was still great.  Yes, you should definitely pick it up.  The relationship between Barbara Gordan and Stephanie Brown is truly special and it makes for a good engine to keep this book going.

    If you need further encouragement, Akamuu did a great write-up on it last Tuesday.

  11. i wish this wasn’t about a woman so that i could read and enjoy it. oh, well!

  12. oh my

  13. I love this book.  That is all.

  14. Just ordered issues 1-6. Can’t wait to be fully caught up. Great series.

  15. Amazing comic! That is all!

  16. I LOVED this issue! Amanda Conner is jsut a fantastic artist!

  17. This could very well be my POTW, and that’s saying something going up against three Blackest Night issues that I gave straight fives to.

  18. Good ol’ Power Girl.  I remember Savage Dragon was my outlet for stupid-fun comics, then this came along.  I eventually dropped Dragon because it had no purpose anymore.  I just hope that Batgirl (which I find to to vastly superior to this) doesn’t cause the same to happen here….

    5/5 though.  Amanda Conner is without a doubt my favorite artist in comics. 

  19. Great issue. Really love this book. But this book is really Amanda Conner’s. Just amazing art. Great stuff. 5/5 for me.

    @Slockhart I have a serious question for you. I know you plug Batgirl a lot, so I was curious if there was a big upswing in Quality after the first 4 issues. I certainly enjoyed the series, but didn’t really find anything to keep me invested in it, despite liking Stephanie Brown. 

  20. @Prax

    I liked the first four issues, but #5 was when it clicked for me personally.  Dick and Damian co-starred in the #5-7 arc, so there were a lot of good Dick/Barbara moments and some hilarious Stephanie/Damian moments.  For all I know, it may just be the arc that’s so great (Though I don’t think I’ve given any issue less than a 5/5) I can relate a lot to Stephanie, so a lot of my love of that book might be personal, but I still think it’s improved, including the art.  If you’re reading Red Robin, then I’d say pick it up for the crossover and see how you feel.

  21. @Prax

    I should also add that a lot of my promotional enthusiasm comes from the fact that no one reads it.  I remember when no one read Power Girl I was the same way. 

  22. This was fun. I’m loving Amanda Conner’s work. She makes Power Girl sexy, but not over the top. I laughed when Satanna pulled out that power dampening oval device and fit it right over her boob opening. Priceless!

  23. 5 for Amanda making the book look great . . . 
    5 for Jimmy & Justin making the book fun . . . 

  24. The awesome train rolls on. Nine issues in & not a bad one yet!

  25. Well, I picked this and #8 up and loved them both.  Thanks to Conor and anyone else for the heads up on what I was missing.  Fucking hysterical and highly enjoyable!!!!

  26. That’s cuz Jimmy and Justin rule.

  27. Picked this up on @Conor and my lcs owners recomendations and boy was I not let down. This was alot of fun.

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