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  1. Yay! Last issue was awesome.

  2. The first issue of this was the best impulse buy of my life. Great stuff.

  3. Not to be a dick, but … howcome Power Girl’s disguise is street clothes? I know that in the world of comic books a pair of glasses is on the level of plastic surgery, but she doesn’t even have that. Wouldn’t everyone know it’s her? I don’t get it.

    PS- Loving this book, I’m not hating, just asking.

  4. @wadewilson-They just expect you to go with it and not ask too many questions when reading a comic. that ruins it.

  5. @Wadewilson It’s the old Jay Garrick/Superman thing. They move fast so their face is blurred when they’re in their super clothes. Also, part of the story would appear to be PeeGee noticing that people are putting 2 and 2 together.

  6. I just noticed that PG seems to be skipping November. I think I might be crying.

  7. @WadeWilson – You’ll notice she covers up her chest with sweaters and t-shirts and blouses when wearing said street clothes, so it makes perfect sense that nobody would recognize her. 😉

  8. @kenkneisel:  GAH!  You beat me to it:  "It’s not like anyone’s looking at PG’s face."  😉

  9. I really love this series. It’s a bit like DC’s Incredible Hercules. It’s an extremely well written book that’s consistently funny, touching and looks pretty. 5/5 for me. Would have been my POTW if not for Iron Man.

  10. So apparently the DC Message Board ilk were hating on this book. I happened to catch Jimmy Palmitotti’s tweet talking about how much hate it was getting, and I and a few others told him how much we enjoyed the book. So, if you’re enjoying Power Girl as much as me, shoot Jimmy a word of thanks over at : .  

  11. hah it’s funny that after I asked her secret identity, there was a joke made about it in this issue. 🙂 Another strong, entertaining issue with great art … there was hate for this? Jeez, the internet loves to hate.

  12. Funny, I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book….I was thinking about picking up a few issues…

  13. I think the cat might be my favourite character in this book.

  14. I WILL build a Amanda Conner Schrine!

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