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Power Girl is in the big leagues now – and the First Annual “Power Girl Convention” has asked her to attend! But is she ready to meet her #1 fan? How about when that fan decides to keep P.G. around as her best friend and personal bodyguard – forever?


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  1. This would be a mandatory attendance for me.

  2. Really liked Prasyeta’s work in the last issue, and sad to see this book go.

  3. I liked Presetya’s artwork in the first issue he did, but last issue and looking at the preview for this issue, it seems to be not quite as good. Will miss the book, but I am hopefull that if Power Girl shows up in the future (hopefully in her own book) it’ll be with an artist I like more and not one that’s just trying to be as close as possible to Basri.

  4. PG will be missed greatly! I can’t believe that she is getting swept away for awhile?! This has been one of my favorite books since the begining!! PG is too hot to drop and there is so much potential with her character that was barely touched on in this series. Oh well she will be back I guarentee it; DC would not be that stupid to let her just fade into that goodnight.

    Just sayin,


  5. I’m really glad to have been along for the ride.

  6. Man… I don’t know if it’s because I’m not a young girl with low self-esteem, but I found this issue disappointing.

  7. @ wiski, I tend to agree.  I had no problems with the art, and the first few pages had me interested, but I found myself loosing interest with  each page flip.  Of course, with the series ending and the reboot, I know a lot of the ending issues of these series might go out with a whimper.

  8. While I still enjoyed this issue, I feel it is my least favorite of the series…which is sad with only one issue left 🙁

  9. yea Power Girl is going to be missed.I really enjoyed the run so far.Issues 1-12 were awesome!!!! I hope PG gets another book soon.This series really helped to make her a more well rounded charcter.I heard that Atlee will be in next issue.Is this true? Flash923 i agree with your comments 1 million percent.Was a ok book but not as good as other issues.I was wondering too,what happened to her black haired clone? I need to re-read issues again.

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