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Power Girl juggles her life like a true businesswoman: helping Batman defeat a weather-wielding metahuman, using her news network to clear an innocent man’s name and stumbling into a blossoming romance. But she’ll need all her resources to take on Dr. Day, her corporate archnemesis!

Written by JUDD WINICK
Art and cover by SAMI BASRI

Price: $2.99
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  1. Judd Winick has done a fantastic job retooling Power Girl, but it’s a shame all of his work will be undone with Flashpoint.

  2. Sigh.

  3. I hope this gets collected, I really want it in trade.

  4. I’ve been pretty doom and gloom about this as well, but look at the bright side, we got 25 issues of Power Girl!! That’s a solid achievement in itself. Plus, for the most part, all 25 have been awesome. I don’t believe we’ve seen the end of Pee Gee. 

  5. @Nate  
    I really couldn’t agree more.  PG has been a bright light in a medium that has become overstuffed with dark, brooding characters.  It has also been rather jazzy that for the most part, those 25 issues haven’t been overly concerned with fitting into this event or that event, and the focus, for the majority of the work has been building character and telling good, exciting stories.

  6. Here’s hoping that DC brings her back after some of their choices for titles fail. Still can’t believe that they’re cancelling this book in favor of characters like Batwing and The Blackhawks.

  7. This book has been amazing its whole run. This might be one of the few books I might buy over in trade.

  8. Um, so I got a little verlkempt reading this. So good, great emotion, and an ending that made me want to read Justice Society if that were still going to be a thing! I wonder if he shows up there for the end of that series?

  9. My wish is that DC creates an Earth 2 line of books. The line would include the obvious; JSA, Infinity Inc, and of course Power Girl.  If I had to choose between Supergirl and Power Girl, PG wins hands down.

  10. Much like Thor the Mighty Avenger, taken away from us before it’s time.

  11. I got on this book late, but I hope it gets collected as well – this run was superb, never thought I would be a power girl fan

  12. I hope everyone enjoys this issue. After this we get 2 fill ins and then its all good byes to Power Girl.

  13. This was so good! I think the best part of the was Prasyeta’s artwork. I think I like him a bit better than Basri.

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