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Power Girl’s life has been torn apart, and the last thing she needs is to find out that one of her closest allies is now one of her deadliest enemies! But, we’re sorry to say, that’s exactly what Satanna has managed to serve up!

Art and cover by AMANDA CONNER

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  1. I am going to miss this creative team so much, but this is going to be so good.

  2. This looks like a lot of fun.  I’m hoping my shop doesn’t sell out.

  3. Enjoy it while it lasts, people 🙁

  4. I got to meet Amanda, Jimmy, and Paul Mounts at C2E2, which was great. Fantastic people, really. Amanda said that she’s not really a monthly artist, and that’s the main factor in her leaving the book. Quite sad, but I can’t complain, for this will prove to be one of the best 12 issue runs ever.

  5. Easily one of the best books on the stands.

  6. Haven’t hyped it in awhile so…

    For anyone looking for another DC superheroine comedy-esque book after #12, there’s an equally good one of those happening over on the Batman side of the street.

  7. @Rustyautoparts I did too, they were really nice and super funny.

      I’m gonna miss this team a lot but I’m looking forward to reading the last couple of issues from them.

  8. Really great. 5/5 I really am going to miss this book. 

  9. I just read the terra mini series that the same creative team did, it was really good. Hope they come together again on something after Power Girl.

  10. Was not expecting this book to ever have a big impact on continuity, but Ultra-Humanite is a human again?  Wow.

  11. This issue really summed up the strengths of this whole series — pure fun, action, AWESOME art, comedy, good story, — great entertainment all round. —  … & now it’s going to end soon. Boo.

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