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From the mind of SAY ANYTHING frontman Max Bemis comes POLARITY, a manic-depressive trip you’ll never forget. Timothy Woods is a bipolar artist stuck in the world of hipsters, meaningless sex, and vain art — better known as Brooklyn. But after he survives a near fatal car accident, Timothy discovers that his mental instability is more than just a disorder, and that his bipolar medication hasn’t just been subduing depression and uncontrollable mania…it’s been suppressing his super powers! Now it’s time for Timothy to stand up to his disease alongside an onslaught of wretched human villainy as he finally finds his place in the world.

Each issue comes with a free download for a new original song written and performed by Max Bemis!

STORY BY Max Bemis
ART BY Jorge Coelho
COVER BY Frazer Irving, W. Scott Forbes

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%


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  1. I thought this was good. There was some funny stuff in here, along with some stark reality about mental illness. Loved the “deconstruction of hipsters” page and overall tone. I’ll be sticking around to see where this goes. 4/5

  2. This was good. Talky, yes but not like Bendis. Bemis knows the subject because he lived it, and it shows. I’m definitley in for the whole series.

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