A gripping, provocative four-part crime series from acclaimed writer JAY FAERBER and stunning new artist KORAY KURANEL begins with one woman’s murder and branches out to follow the investigation by three people with personal connections to her: her husband, an investigative reporter; her lover, an ex-soldier; and her friend, a homicide detective. Her death will change all of their lives.

Story by Jay Faerber
Art by Koray Kuranel
Cover by Koray Kuranel

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  1. Interesting. Never read any Faerber stuff that wasn’t superhero/supernatural in any way

    • I loved Noble Causes. Bought each and every issue. Didn’t really like his Titans work, though.

      I haven’t read any of this type of gritty stuff, though – not sure if it’s my cup of tea.

  2. I had the opportunity to read the first issue already and I have to say: If you into crime books, you gotta buy this. The art is brilliant. Those hard contrast look of the cover? It’s on the inside pages as well. And like any good murder mystery, you really need to know whats next, after you reached the last page. Great stuff.

  3. How did I miss the news about this comic? Look made for me 😀

  4. Sad to see Near Death go (for now at least) but excited to see more Faerber crime work come out immediately afterward.

  5. With this, Stumptown, and The Creep all coming out, it’s gonna be an awesome week for crime/detective comics.

  6. Thanks for the love, everybody!

    • That was really good man! Super excited for next one and definitley going to be picking up those Near Death trades. Sorry I missed out on it the first time around

  7. Parri Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Picked this up after enjoying Faerber’s Near Death.
    Loved the art but the set up was a little obvious and a lot of the dialogue felt kinds forced. A bit exposition heavy. But maybe that’s a little issue one syndrome.
    The art & the hope of improvement might sway issue 2 into my hands.

    • In a limited series/mini, I sort of expect the first issue to be exposition heavy. I mean, if we’re taking the classical Shakespearean approach to narrative structure, that’s exactly what Act I is supposed to be. If it were an ongoing, then the writer would have a bit more time and experimental license to organically introduce background info and set up conflicts.

  8. I pre-ordered this at my LCS, but they “got shorted” on their order. BUMMER.

    I’m a little dubious, but my retailer is a good guy, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and look forward to this showing up in my box next week!

  9. Is it just me – and it may well be – but this isn’t on Comixology?

    • I don’t know what’s up with that — most of today’s Image releases seem to be absent. They were up there early this morning (I checked!), but have since gone missing. They’re available via the Image app, and I’m sure the Comixology absence is some kind of glitch. I bet it’ll be fixed before too long.

    • Thanks Jay!

  10. This is my first foray into the crime genre. This is going to be very fun.

  11. Nice one. Love that it’s in black and white, but looks like making a black dude black isn’t as easy as it sounds in black and white.

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