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After a period of calm the Ono Mao strike back! How long can the newly formed settlement survive without the protection of Silas?

By Ken Garing

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  1. Been waiting for this to come out for a long time!

  2. So this is the last issue correct?

  3. Disappointed to find out that it a mini, I was under the impression that it was an ongoing series. BUT, I’m really looking forward to this, I’ve realty been enjoying this series.

  4. Thanks Baykid for the info!! I’d heard this as a rumor, glad to see it’s happening!

  5. This book is so good that I can understand why people, myself included, want it to be an ongoing. However, a feasible release schedule of miniseries is better than an ongoing that is perpetually late.

  6. My pick of the week.

  7. This was really good i love that he does the whole thing himself great art great writing

  8. Planetoid was another great book in a week of great books. The art blows me away. The Lizard. The space ladder. His silhouette when naked. How come some people are so talented?!!

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