Planetary, the archaeologists of the unknown, cross paths with Batman on the trail of a killer in this new, Deluxe Edition hardcover.

When Planetary – Jakita Wagner, Elijah Snow and the Drummer – travel to Gotham City, they mean business. Wagner, Snow and the Drummer track an amoral killer to Gotham City, prepared for battle.

What they aren’t prepared for is the Dark Knight! Of course, Batman doesn’t exist on the same Earth as Planetary, which means the killer has worked in some very strange ways! Now the killer’s reality-distorting technology is pulling, twisting and shifting the heroes through untold versions of Gotham City – and Batman!

This new hardcover also features Warren Ellis’s script for this story.

Art and cover by JOHN CASSADAY

Price: $22.99
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  1. I guess I can understand people wanting a nice, new (bigger) edition of this story, but c’mon…..this is already available in the Planetary: Crossing Worlds, tpb with 192 pages of story. It also contains the other two Planetary crossovers Ellis wrote – Planetary/JLA & Planetary/Authority – all for $9.27 at In Stock Trades right now.

    Anyway, food for thought. Spend your $ however you wish. 

  2. wOw!  96 pages for 22.99  I may have to pass after all, maybe I will get it later on-line at a discount, I wonder how much bussines LCS lose because they have to charge full price and big non local can give such a nice discount?

    Any way I love WARREN ELLIS and will be on my radar when at my LCS this week.

  3. I wish it was absolute-size so it could stand next to my Absolute Planetaries.

  4. So 22.99 for a one-shot and a script? This is a $3.99 comic.

  5. This is a $3.99 comic.”

    Well, actually it was $5.95 when it came out in 2003. The original printing is impossible to find for less than $9.99. And it’s beautiful AND funny as hell AND has an Ellis script – which is always a treat to read.

    In Stock Trades or Amazon it, save 35%, and get it. It’s Grrrrrrreat!

  6. 50 actual pages of comic, 46 pages of script I would never read. DC. Almost had me with Deluxe Ed. Batman……..I’ll think I’ll pass.

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