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Get your hands on these damn dirty Apes! Ripped from the continuity of the first five Ape films, the first story arc in this ongoing series comes to a bloody conclusion!

Secrets are revealed…and someone will pay! Man? Ape? Both? Discover for yourself as the next great Ape saga continues!

Written by award-winning novelist Daryl Gregory!

Writer: Daryl Gregory
Artist: Carlos Magno

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. This has seriously been my pick of the week last two times. I hope someone mentions this. I’ll write my review once I get it.

  2. @AmirCat 

    AmirCat: I have been an apes fan for most of my life and and am very very happy to have this new book in my hands each and every month. Long Live POTA Way to go!!! 

  3. I agree with you both – all 3 issues of this series so far have been great.  Exceeding expectations.

    Between this, and Paul’s Fuzzy Typewriter podcast on the original movie series, I’m all about POTA at the moment! 

  4. I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  The story has been great.  Not your usual “movie coming out cash in quick comic”.  Does anyone know if they plan any other story arcs?  Maybe something closer to the events in the upcoming movie?

  5. @mudd: To my knowledge, this book was never conceived as a “movie coming out cash in quick comic”, but rather is a new ongoing set in the original Apes universe. If you’re looking for a movie prequel, you can find it online here:

    I look forward to this book every month. The artwork has been impeccable and the mystery/thriller genre story has me on the edge of my seat.

  6. @apesfan  LONG LIVE PLANET OF THE APES!!!

    @stustap  – oh yeah I listened to Paul’s podcast and really enjoyed it.

    @mudd  – Like @cahubble09 said, I believe there is a prequel to the new movie coming out.

    What really makes this comic amazing is the awesome Quitley-este art and the POTA story that we’ve never read/watched before. It’s just so good.

    I hope the iFanboy fellas talk about it on the podcast or it will be a opposable thumb “slap in the face” of every monkey on earth. Just kidding.

  7. This book has been everything the new movie looks like it won’t be.

  8. I loved this issue. Very political, in the tradition of the great POTA movies.

  9. This has been such an enjoyable book so far. I love how they’re connecting everything to the original POTA mythos. Can’t wait for the big reveal with the priest …

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