The second series of Phonogram separates itself from the frenzied mob of adoring critics just long enough to transform into this handsome collected volume. Seven individual-yet-interconnected stories set in a single night in a single club, each staring a young phonomancer, each exploring a different mystery of music and magic. Includes a cover gallery and ‘Making Of’ extras. We’ve put you on the guest list. Don’t be late. This is one night you’ll never forget.



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  1. I picked this up from Kieron in Seattle. It has tons of awesome backmatter.

  2. Nice!  I was debating on getting this now or waiting until later for budget reasons, but I’m sold!

  3. What kind of backmatter is there? I seem to remember Kieron and McKelvie saying that there would be tons of stuff in the trade that wasn’t in the issues, and some of the stuff from the issues wouldn’t be in the trade.

    Whatever is in there, I cannot wait to pick this up and have all the issues in one bound place.

  4. Not picking this up this week (Still have to read volume 1!) but I’m pulling this as a reminder.

  5. @PraxJarvin: Aside from the art, I didn’t like volume 1 all that much. I loved volume 2. I think it can be read without having read the first one.

  6. I can pick up this or the Ultimate Spiderman HC this week. Anyone have any opinions on which one I should get choose? (I’m sure they’re both great and I will likely pick up the other at a later date).

  7. @Conor Thanks. I got the first trade recently, read through the first chapter and didn’t immediately fall in love with it, but I want to give it a fair chance. (The art, however, is fantastic!) I have heard a lot of good things about this as a separate entity, so I’ll probably check it out regardless of my feelings on 1.

  8. @jamiefs: It’s hard to say because they are very different books that cater to very different tastes.

  9. um, yeah, ah… it wasn’t brilliant

  10. this is colored right?

  11. I liked the first, but this was in a whole other league imo. Looking forward to picking this up if there are good extras (heck, I’ll probably buy it anyway so I can lend it to people!).

    Enough can’t be said about McKelvie’s expressions… 

  12. @Nathan: Yep.

  13. I’ve been looking forward to this, i wanted to pick up the first series, but it being about brit pop put a stop to that.

  14. This is a great mini. Far more enjoyable for me than the first series. And, of course, gorgeous artwork. Honestly, the idea that you need to be really into music, specifically the artist mentioned in the book, is simply not true. It’s just a damn good, smart read. I have the singles, but plan to pick this up in the near future with my next order.


    (From the top of my head)

    A glossary
    The original character descriptions/concepts
    The original character sketeches
    A load of photo-reference
    The actual club playlist for the series
    A Script-to-finished art thing (Page of script/pencils/inks/flats/colours)
    Assorted other process stuff (Jamie’s 3D Models, his wall of madness,all the booze I drank while writing it)
    Some assorted other bits of art (The Phonogram Zine cover, The two individual portraits which made up issue 3)
    The Advert
    A Covers Gallery

    (Basically, nothing that was in the single issues, except the advert and the covers. We wanted to keep each separate. We also know that there’s a good chunk of PG readers who buy both, so we wanted to reward them.)

    As others have said, each series stands alone. My standard advice is if you’re to buy one, buy the second. It’s something we’re immensely proud of.

    Oh – and in case  you haven’t seen it, here’s Fraction ranting about Phonogram.He’s a sweetie, that one.


  16. No more after this <:~(

  17. I’m surprised some other publisher hasn’t picked it up yet and gave it a third shot.

  18. I have my fingers crossed for at least a one shot some time in the future, if not a new mini. 

  19. Just got this. Awesome!

    loved the creator photo at the back. Excited for Siege: Loki and his amazing hoodies and blondie referrences.

  20. You’ll love the guyliner.


  21. I spilled coffee on mine already 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  22. @KG: That’d be awesome, and, oddly, appropriate.

    When the Tie-In ends, will Los Campesinos! play at the ruins of Asgard?

  23. Finally got to read all of The Singles Club. The issues kept disappearing at my comic book store before I got there, so only got to read about 3 out of 7. The way it fits together slowly, as you read each piece is the strength of the book, IMHO, but then I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.

    Also, the back matter is worth the price of admission alone. 

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