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  1. Last issue was superb! Let’s keep it going!

    • Indeed, I think this series has been getting better and better. In all honesty the concept has worked better than I ever anticipated it could.

  2. issue # 8 was all sold out at my shop, and i was able to grab #9 but i havent read it yet cause i have ta read #8 first!! I really hope a second printing comes out.

  3. I love this series for the fact that I just sold all my issues on ebay and made about £380 ($560). That means I can buy a nice collected edition (if a hardback omnibus comes out one day, I’m in), and still be in profit. Thanks Mr Wiebe!

    • I’m tempted to sell mine but if I’m going to retire to the flee markets I need to hold on to them.

    • Glad to oblige?

    • Holy crap. Who pays that? I mean I’m really enjoying the book and all that but seriously?!

      So Kurtis does this mean the book is gaining sales? Kudos to you then and keep it up!

    • I think this really shows how image aren’t printing enough or people just aren’t smart enough to pre-order. #9 was going for $20 as soon as it was out. I’ve never had any trouble getting any of the issues because my shop pre-orders it for me.

    • Hmmmm…. I guess I’m a little behind here, but the popularity increase must have something to do with the BBC plans of adapting the comic into a tv-show.

    • Yeah, that occured to me. I hope that does actually happen as it would be great, and as a bbc employee I’d love to try and worm my way into working on it.

    • Haha, well if you do then make sure it gets on BBC 1 or 2, since I don’t have 3 or 4 🙂

    • Actually, the book sales stayed the same for 4 months after the BBC announcement. It went bananas when Hook appeared in Issue #8.

      And yes, our sales have over doubled between issue #9 and this issue. So, thanks again everyone!

  4. This wraps up our second arc, while we take a few months off to get caught up and on the road to a consistent schedule starting in June. Here’s a link to the 5 page preview, if you’re interested!

    Also, check out the Facebook fan page for details on a Cosplay contest we’re holding until August 1st!

    Finally, want to thank the readers of Ifanboy for the constant support!

  5. Thank you, Wiebe

  6. June!? JUNE!? NOOOOOOOOO!

    Glad to hear sales picked up with the Hook issue! It’s definitely starting to get more notice at the shop where I work. Maybe people are listening to me, haha.

    Whose ass do I have to kiss to get oversized hardcovers in the works?

  7. Issue 6-10 were piled up in my to read stack, but I finally finished reading them today. Such awesomeness!! The story keeps on getting better and better. So glad I picked this up from the start last year. Bring on June for #11.

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