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  1. Volume 1?  Is there a chance that Hickman will return to this story/universe at some point in time?

  2. I think they just number all first trades as volume one just in case.

  3. I like that strategy.  I think that I too shall adopt it.  All of my work emails will now include the volume number in my signature. 

    – The Crippler.  Pax Romana comments volume 01. 

  4. Damn. I may have to buy ths.


  5. It was good, but four issues was not nearly enough to explore the ideas, story, and characters. Brilliant idea, though.

  6. This was quite the road to walk, when reading in issues…but then again all Hickman image books are:) but i agree i would love to see this amazing world revisited, very cool and very original

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