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  1. Giving this a chance as the premise sounds really interesting. Hopefully it’s good!

  2. Yeah, the description sold me, i’ll check this out.

  3. Yeah, what you guys said. Looks pretty good!

  4. Wasn’t sold until that last line. Certainly worth a look.

  5. So, the "mobster gone strait" wants his wife killed & will assassinate the person of Mickey’s choice … doesn’t sound like he knows what "gone strait" means. lol.

  6. I’ve got a light week, so I’m giving this a shot also. I read the first couple preview pages, and it looks like it has potential.

  7. Cover is nice.  Is the entire book black, white and red?

  8. @Brandon2: Looking at the previews, it would appear so.

  9. I had this on my pull list, but the shop didn’t get it in… Oh well.

  10. Nope no red.  

  11. So, was it good? I can’t tell since the rating is a 6.

  12. I thought it was pretty good. The art was kinda a b-grade version of Frank Miller on Sin City, it was nice in places & ugly in others, but I liked the story & will be checking out issue 2.

  13. I’m with Wade.

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