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Geo-Force’s actions put the Outsiders at the center of a political dispute that will have dramatic consequences for them and the entire Earth. Plus, the new Masters of Disaster pay a visit to Markovia, and they intend to stay true to their name…

Written by Dan DiDio
Art and cover by Philip Tan

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. I want this to be good, but I think I’m out if there is not a big turn around here. I think that Dan can do it, and Tan aint out right bad, but their first issue did nothing what so ever for me.

  2. I pre-order my comics, and was excited about DiDio taking this on, but his first issue was soooooo disappointing, (so was Weird Western Tales for that matter).  He’s not a good dialogue writer, and the last issue had a fart joke… not that I’ve got anything against a good fart joke… but even that was weak.  With such a spectacularly bad first issue, I’m getting this issue because it’s pre-ordered. If I could drop it faster, I would.

  3. I fear that my time on Outsiders has come to an end too. I think I’ve only ever dropped one book before, so I say this with great reluctance, but Tan’s art and a story I don’t give two hoots about might just do it…

  4. Last chance, I have been reading outsiders since the beginning of  the Winnick/Raney run, I ‘ll be dissapointed if this’ll suck,,,,,

  5. This book is so bad it will cause cramping, nausea and short-term blindness. So this is how DiDio envisions comic book storytelling? Explains a lot.

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