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  1. is there a free ring with this one?

  2. The violet ring comes with this.  My store only gives them out to people who pre-order though, not sure how yours works.  At least I’m getting a blue one (the only one I’d really want) with Adventure.

  3. I also hope you get a blue ring (see what i did there)

    nah, my store’s been awesome. They have just adding the books with rings to my pull list. No, pre-ordering. 

  4. Not quite sure how I feel about this one. I found the Doom Patrol tie-in disappointing.

  5. oh, yeah, it’s going to be terrible.


    Free Ring, Whoo!!

  6. I am prepared to get my mind blown.

  7. Tomasi is the 2nd most integral writer when it comes to BN. Hopefully that angle will give this book some much needed momentum.

  8. Who cares about the free rings? Maybe if they weren’t cheap looking pieces of plastic and actually looked like real lantern rings…

  9. Tomasi is awesome. I expect this to be as awesome as the last GL Corps.

  10. What’s with them jacking up the price on this? This book is usually 2.99!!! Them rings ain’t free I think!!!!

  11. @mikeandzod21 – 40 pages

  12. @gnanniv gah!!! Also, a Tom mandrake cover? Aren’t they trying to sell the comic?

  13. My comic shop is giving rings to anyone who buys every tie-in with a ring, I dont think you get one for a single issue it’s a all or nothing deal.


    4 bucks for an issue when I have been thinking about dropping this title is helping me let go.

  14. I dropped my sub to this a few months back. Just did not care about any of the characters…..  so mercy pull here. Getting all the blackest night stuff.

  15. ^ Same with me, dude. I dropped this a few issues back because it got DULL. Picked this issue up for the Blackest Night stuff (& the ring which I didn’t even get! D’oh!) & was surprised by how good this issue was. With Tomasi writing, I shouldn’t be THAT surprised, but it was really weak when I jumped off. Might have to jump back on if it stays this solid!

  16. My store was selling them for $1 each. This was after giving them away the previous week. They also never have Invincible.

    Sucky Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY store. I’m done with them. Over.

  17. I’m going to miss Tomasi on this comic.

  18. This was probably one of the better tertiary tie-ins to Blackest Night, yet. It wasn’t great, but it was enjoyable. Tomasi is really great. 4/5 

  19. Grabbed it for the ring

  20. Anyone else notice on page 11 they use orange on matamorpho to represent compassion instead of indigo? That kinda stuff really annoys me… i know, i know… but GAH!

  21. Cut a truck in half with a sword. Yes. And yes.

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