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  1. This was actually pretty cool last month.  I’m not too worried about it.  $2.99 is no big investment to me.  $3.99 is such a pain in the ass though!

  2. I think Tomasi has this book on the rebound.

  3. ^ I think Tomasi’s souless evil robot clone is writing this. It’s hard to believe it’s him, it’s soooooo dull.

  4. It’s on the rebound at the moment but the upcoming arc doesn’t look very interesting at all in the solicits. I’m droppin after they catch Killer Croc and Clayface.

  5. It’s a simple story, but I am digging the current arc. Tomasi has a good grip on these characters.

  6. I love Tomasi’s Outsiders. It’s one of my favourite comics. Enjoying them going after all the villains.

  7. Not great, but getting better all the time.

  8. I keep thinking about dropping this title, and then I read it and I really like it.  This latest issue had an action filld story that built to a logical and well though out conclusion.  More thanthat, it feels like Tomasi is really turning these characters into heroes before our very eyes.  I really felt as though I was rooting for Brion and Rex in this issue.  A good job.

  9. It’s been awhile since I read some Clayface.

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