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  1. Sad to see that this is the last issue.  I thought that the Order was coming around after 7.

  2. I think that #10 is the last issue.  However, it still sucks that this book is coming to a premature end.

  3. This continues to be my favorite Marvel book, as it has been from issue 1.  On the plus side, it goes until issue 10 which should take it straight up into Fraction’s Iron Man run.  I’m hoping he can salvage a few of the characters.

  4. #10 is the last issue and that will be a sad day. This is the best thing to come out of The Initiative and the last issue was my POW. It’s a shame there wasn’t more interest in this book, Fraction really proved to me that he is a great writer and I really hope some other Marvel creators take notice. He’s created some really interesting characters here and i would love to see them show up in other Marvel titles. Bendis, are you listening? I know you love to incorporate newer characters in your books (echo, the hood, sentry). How about adding Mulholland Black to the New Avengers!

  5. This is one of my all-time favorite books and I’m sorry to see it go (even though my wallet isn’t). It was great while it lasted and I really hope Barry Kitson finds himself another steady Marvel title (I’d love to see him on an X-book). The man can draw well and (apparently) on schedule.


  6. @Diabhol – Kitson is joining the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN team.

  7. I dropped this book after number one and then randomly picked up 6 and 7 and loved the art and what Kitson was doing. Funny to say it, but I’m bummed they are killing this one. I am going to try to pick up the middle books some day.

  8. Order fans take heart, since early previews and solicits indicate not only will he be using Pepper Pots in that back in much the same role she plays here, but that the villian from The Order (Obidiah Stone’s son) will also feature heavily in that book.

    I’m sad this title is ending but I have hope that the characters will stick around in the Marvel U

  9. @Conor- So what you’re saying is I’m not gonna see Kitson art for years. 🙂


  10. I’m on that same boat Diabhol, its going to take more than Kitson to bring me on board with the Amazing Spider-mess.

  11. I heard 12 was the last ish.  Guess I heard wrong.

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