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The story of Orc Stain continues, as the agents of the great Orc Tzar finally catch up to One-Eye. Thousands of other one eyed orcs have been gathered to an arena by the mysterious Beard, who is hellbent on finding which of them is the key to unlocking the god organ.

story, art & cover JAMES STOKOE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.6%


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  1. Finally!  Possible POTW here! I’ve loved every issue of this so far.

  2. This is brilliant!

  3. Oh yeah this is a awesome book. It need to be know more.

  4. YES! More orc stain. This book has been excellent so far, very excited to pick it up

  5. most underrated book out right now.

  6. Kept wondering when this would come out again.  I’m looking forward to re-reading 1-4 before I read this issue.


  7. Any one check out that other book by Stokeo "Sullivan’s sluggers"?

    I didn’t realize it was out already. It look good though.

  8. the only thing that keeps me from immediately checking out Sullivans Sluggers is that I really have no interest in or an appreciation for baseball.  I know that’s an unfortunate bias and reason for disinterest, considering that Stokoe is such a wonderful artist, so one day I will get around to reading it.  In the meantime, I’m curious to read reviews or hear some comments about it.

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