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One Eye is ready for a little relaxation after being up on the chopping block, but soon finds himself in a desperate chase to escape Skrubtown. Meanwhile, the Great Mob of the south marches ever onwards, sending out their shadowy dark robed agents to find the key to unlocking the god organ.

story, art & cover JAMES STOKOE

Price: $2.99
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  1. The fisrt two issues were funckin’unbelievably mind blowing. The art is pack with magic.

  2. I loved the art in the first issue, but thought the story was lacking. I just read issue two, and the story really ramped up. Great character moments. I was a little confused about the definition of a ‘gronch,’ but #2 cleared things up in that department. Super excited for this issue.

  3. @rockingeek – Calling the art "magic" is exactly right.  Normally that would sound weird or hyperbole but this book is just so different and that is what it feels like.  I enjoyed the second issue better than the first and can’t wait to check this out.  

  4. first two issues were great and i can’t wait for this!

  5. And Stokoe gives a full 32 pages of story each issue which is crazy. Which is why this is popping up a $1 next issue but I have no problem with that. It’s more bang for the buck than any regular book from DC or Marvel.

  6. Yes, I was a little scared it would take months to get it out. Can’t wait to read it.

  7. I hope this stays on track for regular monthly releases – it is so good.

  8. It’s actually crazy how fast Stokoe is considering he does like EVERYTHING and it’s longer than a Marvel "double-sized" book.

  9. The last issue made me fall in love with this book. Fingers crossed that it keeps coming out on a monthly basis.

  10. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! Pure fucking magic.

  11. This is my favorite thing I’m reading right now!  The hints at the greater storyline will easily keep me coming back!  Beautiful!

  12. This was a great issue. So much fun to just look at the art alone.

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