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Onslaught is back–and no one is safe! As the Secret Avengers and Young Allies contend with murderous child soldiers and their remorseless leader, the Marvel Universe’s baddest bad makes the heroes an offer–and you’ll be surprised who takes him up on it!

STORY BY Sean McKeever
ART BY Filipe Andrade
COLORS BY Ricardo Tercio
LETTERS BY Dave Lanphear
COVER BY Humberto Ramos & Morry Hollowell

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. God, i hate ramos…

  2. Andrade’s art sucks. McKeever’s story sucks. The back-up interview bonus sucks. The back-up character bio section sucks. The price sucks. This just sucks.
    This needs to be studied in a lab to determine how the endless suckage can be turned into an alternative energy source. I threw up 37 times while attempting to read this steaming pile of horse shit. I actually really liked it.

  3. I picked up the first issue, mostly because I actually like the last Nomad backup in Captain America. (The breaking of the thumbs was hardcore.)   So far so good.

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