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  1. man. I love this book. I know it’s kind of out there but I look forward to it every month.

  2. I have to applaud Marvel for venturing out of their comfort zone in publishing this book.

  3. I’m enjoying it too although I think it will read much better in trade.  Having read the original series just before this one was announced, I’m finding it has less and less to do with it as each issue comes along.  Thats OK though, the original series never really got anything resovled in the first place so I’m curious to see where this book will end up.

  4. I absolutely love this book to death.  The art is flipping amazing, but so, so weird, in a totally awesome vertigo-ish way. This issue’s cover is looking to be my favorite of the year so far.

  5. I really wanted to read this when it came out but I forgot about it and then the series got underway and I missed it :(, do you think this might read better as a trade than in issues?

  6. i feel like this book will read pretty well in trades.  it’s really strange and i don’t understand a lot of what’s going on and i don’t necessarily think i will find answers when reading all the issues back to back.  however, it’s a really unique books and it’s really different than anything else marvel is publishing right now.

  7. this book is so much fun

  8. This book and AllStarSuperman are my favorite books on the stand!

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