When a mysterious book of powerful spells binds itself to him, the fact that Rob’s life has been falling apart doesn’t seem like such a big deal. What do his girlfriend leaving him or his mountain of debt matter when mystics and demons are overrunning the town in search of the book–and him? To survive, Rob must learn to control the book’s unpredictable magic, while his life slips even further out of control.

* Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) brings his rare mix of humor, horror, and heroes to the latest creation from company founder Mike Richardson.

* Character design by Guy Davis!

Writer: Tim Seeley
Penciller: Victor Drujiniu
Artist: Andrew Dalhouse
Inker: Jason Gorder
Cover Artist: Steve Morris

Price: $3.50
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  1. The cover treatment for this threw me off.  At first I was thinking this was another older property, but re-vamped, like the Magnus, Doctor Solar, and Turok books(all have similar cover design).  I guess this is a brand new character though.  Looks cool! 

  2. Things with One-shot on the front shouldn’t end with to be continued.

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