Dead to the world.

Story by Eric Stephenson
Art by Nate Bellegarde & Jordie Bellaire
Cover by Nate Bellegarde & Fonografiks

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  1. So happy this is finally back. I’m one of the guys who often preaches about artists being given time to finish their work even if it means waiting but this seems to be going soooooo slow.

    I’m not gonna change my stance cause I know this is going to look amazing but I wish I didnt have to starve as much I am for this title!

  2. Thank fuck this is finally out. I truly love this series it has so much great potential on all fronts so please try & keep it a little more regular, maybe bi-monthly?!

  3. Has it been that long?

    Really enjoy the series, especially when the focus is on the Fab Four. Not nearly as interested in the mutates, in fact, I think it’s kind of a shame that the book had to get so superheroey.

    • Thank You!!! When everybody got powers I considered dropping this book. I got over it, but at some point I want some more from Thomas Walker (dudes my favorite character).

  4. The fact that this book exists and that it’s gaining popularity makes me do a happy dance. I too was a little bummed about the super-hero-y turn, but I’m hoping it gets taken to new and disturbing places. Barely-related fanboy observation: ‘Science is the new rock and roll’ is the greatest slogan ever.

  5. JML ( says:

    I like everything about this book except the actual story. It’s a very weird predicament. The Watchmen-esque side material, the art, the Fab Four characters and concept — all very cool. But the whole space station crash, superpowers, contagion thing is just dull to me, and feels even more dull next to all the other cool elements.

  6. First, I haven’t been to the shop yet today, so maybe this all changes when I read the book.

    I get why people aren’t jazzed about the super-powered scientists — this book really feels like something different, and to have it become a super-hero-esque story would make it a little more ordinary.

    I’m still thinking that the super-hero tropes are going to be acknowledged in some way. I mean, “Nowhere Men” kind of sounds like a team name, and is also an anagram of “New Hero Men” or “New Men Hero” (and NewMen was a… “of it’s time” book Eric Stephenson wrote back in the 90s). But given a world where “science is the new rock and roll” I’m kind of curious how super-powered individuals might fit into that.

    It kind of sounds like Science as a source of pop culture has been part of the Nowhere Men world for a couple decades. In our own world, Rock music has remained popular for over fifty years, but it’s power has waxed and waned at times. Maybe Super-powers will be the Hip-Hop (or disco?) to Science’s Rock and Roll — a related, but status-quo disrupting development that challenges the cultural norms?

    I’m merely spitballing and speculating here, but that’s one of the things I’ve loved most about this book — I’m enjoying the ride, but have no idea where we’re headed!

    • I haven’t read the new issue either, but I don’t think we’ll get full-blown heroes. The only one I see with actual powers is the big red guy; the others seem to be more like mutants but not like the X-Men. Maybe we’ll see if their abilities help in their scientific pursuits or ruin their lives or something, at least that’s what I’m hoping for. Maybe like “Heroes” but more surprises, I think in issue 1 they talked about focusing on evolving the human body to advance it, maybe immunity to cold, bio-body suits, non-corporal bodies, and energy projection are part of that. If they do go full hero tho, I’m out. I love the series, but it’s just how I feel.

  7. A line of dialogue taken from the title of a Mclusky album?! I freaking LOVE this book. And I also kind of love the concept of a telepathy coma.

  8. Another awesome issue & what’s so annoying is that everyone ends with you wanting so much more whether it’s from the past or the present!

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