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  1. What the hell? $5?!

  2. I picked this but then thought "reprints?" so unpicked. I’ll flick through at the store, but I hate these reprint issues, especially at that price.

  3. @JJ: It’s at least two issues long.

  4. I’m geeked. The nova series is amazing, and because i didnt read annihilation i feel like i missed out on something…BUT NOT ANYMORE!

  5. @ Conor: Let me be cranky about stuff will you?!

  6. I love love love the new NOVA series!!! Ill buy it because Abnett and Lanning are on (although i would REALLY love a new NOVA!) I only started reading War Of Kings because of NOVA and GOTG

  7. Nice look back to see how much Nova has changed.

  8. I’ll pick this up next week after I get paid, had too many books in my hand to go….$5?

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