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NOVA #11

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  1. This book is seriously underrated and that Alex Maleev cover is boss.

  2. Nova Annual #1 was my first foray into this series and I am hooked!  That is a nice cover from Maleev but the Paul Pelletier art is the main selling point for me – he can do wicked awesome sci-fi stuff!

  3. I can never get into space stories (i think because of all the new names of races, planets, people), but this series is amazing.  Picked up the first issue to see what he was all about and have been hooked ever since.  This series has shown real skill in telling a crossover story arc that can stand on its own without the main crossover book.

    Wasn’t too big a fan of the annual (sorry!) but looking forward to the story progressing 

  4. I too never thought that cosmic sci-fi stories were something I would be in the least bit interested in…but then came Annhilation.  Nova is such a great title and is completely underated.   The annual was fun but very much looking forward to the main story.

  5. Nova has been great, and I never thought I’d be buying it.  It’s been great, and that Maleev cover is so awesome.  Kind of makes me wish that he would draw the book, but at the same time, it would make the book wicked late.  So far, this book has been amazing though, and I’m looking forward to where the team is taking it.

  6. Ever since they made Nova cool in Annihilation I’ve been loving the character.  When I first started reading comics about 11 years ago, the Phalanx was the first bad guy I really read about and I’m psyched to see them at it again.  Keep the good stuff coming.

  7. Can’t wait for this, after the awesomeness that was the Nova Annual I have very high hopes for this

  8. Yep, definitely one of the most underrated books out there. I’ve pretty much loved every issue since I jumped on at #3. I actually enjoy this more than most "mainstream" Marvel books (ie, Avengers).

  9. I was surprised with where they are going with this story line. I did see this coming. I though [Spoiler] was toast.

  10. Is Pellitier going to be drawing both this and Guardians or is he leaving? Because both would be awesome (and I think his history demonstrates he’s capable of doing it).

  11. I’m pretty sure that Pelletier is off the book after the next issue to launch Guardians of the Galaxy with DnA.

  12. this is by far the best book out there.  well at least my favorite.  wich is funn because i never liked cosmic stuff before now.

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