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  1. With the 50% off discount at DCBS, buying this book seemed like a no brainer.  Wonder how it reads?

  2. @torippu: It seems perfectly suited for trade reading even though it’s well written for issues. The first arc was solid, way more on the above average side, but could have been shorter. The newest two-part story arc was excellent though, and hopefully becomes more indicative of where the series is going with its tales.

  3. I really wish there was a way to predict which titles would get the absolute/prestige format treatment in the future.  But that would be counter-productive to marketing.  Oh well.

  4. @UncleBob: Basically if it becomes a smash hit sales wise, it might get an hardcover treatment, but at this point it’s selling well to continue, but not well enough for special treatment.  A book has to pretty big, especially considering that until recently, Sandman was really the only Vertigo title with hardcovers, and Vertigo has said that there are no plans to "Absolute-tize" any Vertigo titles in the foreseeable future.

  5. The book took till the beginning of the third issue to really grab me, but as it went on, the book just grabbed me.  Great story.

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