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Kicking off the next big NORTHLANDERS story, “The Icelandic Trilogy,”

Brian Wood and Paul Azaceta (Daredevil, BPRD, Spider-Man) take on the history of the mythic island nation, starting with its settlement in 874 and ending with civil war in 1262.

This brutal crime drama is the most ambitious NORTHLANDERS story to date!

Written by BRIAN WOOD

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  1. How many years per issue is this?

  2. @PozrDu  

    (1262 – 874)/9 = 43.11 yrs on average per issue. Or a little over 2 years per page 😀 

  3. I’m guessing it will be three, three issue arcs each taking place in an isolated time with large jumps in time between arcs.

  4. So sad to see this one end soon.

  5. The twist at the end, and the fierce emotion as the dad beat the shit out of his son to toughen him up was just powerful and tense

  6. I did not ejoy this at all. Why did one beating turn his son into some kind of warrior/protector? How did a beating teach him how to actually fight? How to wield a sword? How to deal with actual mortal combat? I can see how it would make him bitter and angry but not anything else. Also the ‘twist’ at the end was stupid. I might drop this title before the actual end. It has been weak for going on two years now.

  7. I didn’t really get it, if they’re friends with the people that are going to attack them how does that make a united front so they won’t attack?  And I’m as confused as @USPUNX about what the deal is with the kid getting beat up.

    On the plus side, I was not a fan of Azaceta’s recent work on Spidey but I thought his art in here was fantastic.  His style fits a book like this perfectly. 

  8. Agreed that the art worked great with this story. Even when the writting has been weak, the art has always kept me interested in this series.

  9. I think he beat his kid to grow him up fast and turn him mean, as a means of self-defense in this harsh land. Of course, it seemed to backfire a little bit!

  10. @north72: Yeah I get that, it would have been cool to see a few more scenes like that where the father is trying to show his son the harsh realities of the new world. It just seemed a little severe, one beating leads to him killing his mother.

  11. @punx except that’s not really what happened, the cause and effect wasn’t that direct.  if the affect of the beating toughened Ulf up and teach him cruelty as a path towards self-preservation, anyone not also thinking that way was suspect.  His mother was very firmly against violence, and its pretty plainly stated that Ulf considered THAT a threat to act against.  He called his mom weak and timid, at a time when wolves were at the door.

    Frankly, I fear for the father next.  It was also made pretty plain that he’s just as weak in Ulf’s eyes.

    This whole story is so by the numbers, so heavily following classic crime and mafia tropes I am pretty amazed that people aren’t understanding it.  It’s classic stuff, classic in the tried-and-true meaning of the word.  I doubt doubt Wood will throw a curveball, but for now this set-up is a very familiar one. 

  12. @north72: I see exactly what you are saying, and the solicit makes it pretty clear this is a classic crime story before you even open the book. I understand that. I also think you are porjecting more into the story than was actually there. It wasn’t nearly as well developed and fleshed out as you’re making it sound.

  13. I actually looked at the issue as I typed up that last response. Wood is subtle and some of it is presented as suggestions and hints, but I found it clear and straightforward in intent. To each his own, I guess.

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