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Set in the desolate Hebridean islands, a young woman, newly orphaned, steps into her late father’s rather large and intimidating shoes. In her teens and in command of the largest army in the region, will she fail to lead – or will she live up to the title “Thor’s Daughter”? Featuring gorgeous artwork by Marian Churchland (Beast, Elephantmen, HOUSE OF MYSTERY).

Written by BRIAN WOOD

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  1. Cryin’ shame.

  2. 9 issues left. its a sad time for northlander fans. hate to see it go.

  3. @Fvckstick  That would be 10 including this one 🙂

    This week I’m looking most forward to this book!

  4. This is a one-shot story right?

  5. @USPUNX  Yep. And after that three trilogies.

  6. I think just one trilogy after this.  

  7. @north72  According to Brian Wood’s website it should be a “nine-part “Icelandic Trilogy””. So basically it’s one trilogy yes, but each episode consists of three issues. The covers for the first three books are also on his website. Looks awesome!!

  8. WHERE IS WOOD GOING? Why isn’t he on one of these relaunched DC books?

    Nice going, head jerks at DC.

  9. I hope Brian Wood is working on some new Vertigo ideas, I want another awesome original series.

  10. POW for me. Great book!!

  11. Just got around to purchasing and reading this…Absolutely wonderful!!! Sad to see it end soon :/

  12. I’m a little lost. I really liked it up until the jump at the end to her having killed the guy who killed her father. Why were the other soldiers all the sudden helping her? Are we just supposed to assume that in the interim she somehow convinced them she was worthy? Shouldn’t we have seen that happen? Maybe this should have been ‘Thor’s Daughter, A Northlanders Story in TWO Issues.’ Might have been better.

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