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In the middle of a long Scandinavian winter, a solitary hunter stalks the forest for what seems like weeks on end. His elusive prey starts to take on added significance as the hunter descends into helplessness and despair, to the point that the skills of even this seasoned outdoorsman are put to the ultimate test. Lavishly illustrated by Matthew Woodson, whose illustrations have appeared in Wired, Spin, Penthouse, Glamour and more, “The Hunt” is destined to be one of the most memorable Northlanders stories to date.

Written by BRIAN WOOD

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  1. New arc.  I’m in!

  2. @PozrDu  me 2

  3. Based on the solicits for 41, this is a one-shot.

  4. Wasn’t super impressed with the last issue, when Brian Wood goes narration heavy it absolutely kills the books for me, but this looks appealing. Love a good Northlander one shot.

  5. One shots are fine but I would like to see this title take on a story that’s more than 1-3 issues long.  Give me a 6+ issue arc where I can actually develop some sort of attachment to the characters.  These stories are over before I can latch on to anything.

  6. @malecema: agreed

  7. @USPUNX  I’m with you guys but I LOVED “The Girl in the Ice” and I also really enjoyed “Siege of Paris” but if I understand it right there will be this and another one-shot then another epic-type storyline.

  8. @MacAoidh  – Surprisingly, I love reading text.

    IMHP – Brian Wood is one of the most well rounded writers working today.

  9. One more … you add up originality, being prolific, and just quality work … I would put him up there with Garth Ennis and Alan Moore.

  10. Brian Wood won’t get his due for years because he doesn’t express any interest in superheroes (aside from DV8, which was awesome.)

  11. @Malecema

    a 9-part arc begins in issue #41. : D 

  12. according to that link, it would begin with #42

  13. I really enjoyed this issue as my first issue of Northlanders (went back to my shop today and picked up the first trade though!)

    While it really gripped me I had some issue with the dialogue, as sparse as it was. Just felt a little.. off. for this sort of book. Atleast what my expectations of this type of book are.

  14. You know how I said I don’t like narration heavy BW? It’s very hard to do, he’s not very good at it and tends to drag it out far far too long. Well… 🙁

    This could’ve been an absolutely incredible issue without any narration and maybe a small bit visual/dialog exposition. As it was, an ok issue.

    @origami: the series varies a lot, but that wasn’t a very indicative issue.

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