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Set in late-period Iceland during a period of intense clan warfare, an elderly fisherman investigates the death of a young girl found embedded in the ice. As the fisherman’s furtive actions catch the attention of the local warriors, blame for the crime shifts over to him. If this is the last good thing he can accomplish in life, so be it, as long as the truth can be uncovered. “The Girl in the Ice” concludes here!

Written by BRIAN WOOD

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  1. I don’t remember when this arc started, I haven’t picked up the title in forever because I just couldn’t get into that Heavy Metal stuff no matter how hard I tried.  Can somebody fill me in on what’s going on in this arc?  I already ordered a copy and I don’t wanna be lost.

  2. @robbydzwonar  This arc started last issue, it’s a 2-part arc. Wish it was longer as the last one was beautiful, but I’m gonna trust Brian Wood.

  3. @MegaPhillip In all fairness, the shorter arcs and one shots have worked the best for me out of the rest of the book.

  4. Haven’t been following this since Gianfelice, who’s doing DD Reborn now, left this book, will see if I can jump on here though.

  5. Last issue was one of my favorite issues of the series yet, really excited about this one.

  6. @Franktiger  You’d be better off picking up the last issue seeing that this is part 2 of a 2 part story.

  7. @TexasZombie99  Same here, absolutely loved it, reread it today and it was just as great as the first time. Can’t wait for this tomorrow!

  8. Decent issue. I didn’t think it was as strong as previous issues, but it was lovely to look at it. One of my favorite ongoing books that I don’t talk about that much. 4/5

  9. Read this in the store, powerful moment at the end there, a stark portrayal of fatalism, likely pretty prevalent during those times, but reconciled by the belief of just one person, a feeling anyone at any time could probably relate to.

  10. @robbydzwonar  I assume you’ve read the issue by now, but basically, last issue the old guy found this girl’s body in the ice. He took her out b/c he felt that foul play was afoot, how could such a young girl die like this, etc… I can’t figure out how 8 people posted after your question and no one even mentioned it. 

  11. Becky Cloonan did an amazing job, I hope Brian Wood brings her back on this for another arc in the near future.  I know he rotates some really great talent through his story arcs, but the saddest thing about this arc being only 2 issues was that Cloonan would be done so soon.

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