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Set during a period of civil war, an Icelandic fisherman finds the body of a young girl embedded in the thick ice ringing his lake. Unable to leave her, he goes to great lengths to excavate the corpse and vows to solve the mystery of her death. But when warriors associated with the local clan come around, he’s driven to conceal the body, and events quickly spiral out of his control. “The Girl in the Ice” is part 1 of a 2-part story featuring art by fan-favorite Becky Cloonan (DEMO)!

Written by BRIAN WOOD

Price: $2.99
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  1. Really glad the previous arc is over. Interested to see how Cloonan’s art works with this book.

  2. That cover looks great.  I loved most of Metal.  May take a peak.

  3. I was thinking of dropping it, but Becky Cloonan!

    (And it’s also a v. quiet week for me)

  4. I want to read more series that consist of wholly separate arcs with often different artists, but are yet very very strongly linked in theme like Northlanders. Any recs?

  5. @MacAoidh: Thinking of DROPPING this? How dare you!

  6. I dropped last arc but may pick this one up… is Bechy Cloonan good? What else has she done?

  7. Haunting cover, very cool.  I really didn’t care for the last arc so I’m hoping this picks up nicely.  I like the shorter arcs anyhow.

  8. just got caught up on the last arc. I liked metal. Isn’t as strong as the other arcs in this series, but it’s still 5 star all the way through.

  9. @DenverDave She did both DEMO books with brian wood which are wicked good, if you never read DEMO, you definetly should

  10. I’ve just read the trades for the first time and am loving the book! Don’t think I’ll pick this up regularly but teh cover begs for the book to be picked up and it’s just a 2-issue arc…maybe it will draw me in after all.

  11. Anybody else notice the young clansmen looks like Erik from True Blood? 😉

  12. This was one of my favorite issues of the series yet. Fantastic artwork, very minimal in words but so powerful in emotion. Going to be a quick mystery but I’m craving part two now.

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