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Taking the timeless motif of “young lovers on the run” to an alarming extreme, Erik and Ingrid, outcasts in 9th century Norway, strike a series of blows for individuality against the rigid conformity of the local priesthood in part 3 of “Metal.”

Written by BRIAN WOOD

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  1. Awesome Natural Born Killers as Vikings continues!

  2. perfect description of this arc!

  3. screw vampires and zombies…….i want vikings to be the new trend


  4. Cool. Liking this arc quite a bit. Burchielli is pretty damn good. And isn’t it more like BADLANDS than NBK? 

    @Evangelion. Didn’t they try to do with that with comics within the past year, but the other two were pretty big flops? (Some sort of Vikings as Gangsters book and Cowboy Ninja Viking which people either loved or despised?)

  5. @PraxJarvin i think pure oldschool norse asskicking would be able to sustain i mean those damn capitol one commercials are still around

  6. @Evangelion11: If in Northlanders they start asking "What’s in your wallet?" I’m out.

  7. ill only be out if they time jump and its all about ikea, porn and blackmetal

  8. This book really needs a recap page. I was halfway through the book before i remembered what was going on.

  9. my shop didnt have this issue 🙁

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