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Kicking off a new storyline with art by DMZ regular Riccardo Burchielli! Erik, a blacksmith living in Viking-era Norway, meets Ingrid, a poor girl fallen in with corrupt Christian missionaries. When the unlikely lovers find themselves duly banished from their respective societies, they launch a crusade of violent retribution!

Written by BRIAN WOOD

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  1. Cannot get enough viking goodness.

  2. I will read this while blasting Amon Amarth (Viking metal).

  3. Wood loves the whole ‘star crossed lovers from different classes’ story.

  4. Death to false Metal!

  5. This kind of sounds like "Vikings meets Badlands." Very cool. Love this series, but I hope it’s a short arc, the long arcs tend to lose their charm with me.

  6. Know what that cover is? It’s so metal

  7. Jumping on this arc, hoping it will be dark, more "Mayhem" than "Amon Amarth". If there is going be some Christian killing gotta have some True Norwegian Black Metal! m/

  8. @HailScott it better be that metal!

  9. I think I just got what m/ is

  10. Does anyone think that the main character and his girlfriend look sorta…. special?

  11. @ RazorEdge757: I think that is the implication.

    I was pleased that Wood was using them as leads, as opposed to "props" for the leads.

  12. @razoredge757 interesting. I didn’t even think of that. I thought the dude was just fat and she was just…weird.

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