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The final issue of “The Plague Widow” sees Hilda and Karin faced with an impossible choice and a leap of faith. The brutal Russian winter closes in like a vice, and salvation could just as easily be a death sentence for one of them.

Written by BRIAN WOOD

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  1. Brian Wood is an excellent writer. I had no interest in this series when it started, but I was sold on this arc from the iFanboy podcast with him.

    This is my last issue of the series in singles though.

  2. …but it’s not winter anymore! I no longer feel like a cold and oppressive winter story

  3. I’ve loved this series, but i keep going from trade to issues and back again. I’m not sure what i’m going to do after this issue. If it’s another long arc after this, i’ll probably trade wait, but if its one-and-dones or short arcs like in the teens, i’ll stick with issues.

  4. I could not wait for the trades. I think Wood lays it out so that you get just enough suspense, but enough of a solid story, in each issue.

    This better sell better than Unknown Soldier, b/c I swear, if this get cancelled, i might give up on comics.  

  5. That is one of the few factors that influence me to by single issues . . . I hope it doesn’t get cut.

  6. This arc was so awesome in the beginning.  I’ll have to admit it got a little bit repetitive a couple of issues ago.

  7. @robby: agreed. i feel like I stopped caring about most of the characters. however the fight scene with Boris last issue was worth the price alone.

  8. Last issue felt like a great ending. I can’t wait to read this issue and see where Wood’s taking us.

  9. I fell behind on reading this, but am looking forward to reading the whole, dreary, wintery arc in one lump. It will be a strange contrast to the beautiful summer weather we’re having!  Should probably switch to trades, but as others have mentioned it reads well as singles.

  10. Thanks again to whichever one of you guys pimped this book so hard to me at the start of this arc (sorry can’t remember who it was). This whole story-arc has been AWESOME on all levels.

  11. I’ll take the credit for that one. I remember pimping it, but how ‘hard’ is a matter of subjectivity.

  12. Perfect.

  13. This was a great ending to a great storyline. I was never quite sure whether these two characters were going to make it and I liked the extended metaphor with the bird. I’m not so sure this needed to be a full issue, but the extending of the storyline is forgiven when it is done this well.

  14. Awwwww c’mon! What a tease of an ending. Did she die or not?

  15. I don’t know if she died or not, but something was a foot.

  16. Wood will probably come back to these characters in a one off at some point like he did with Sven.

  17. I liked the end. I liked the series. I loved the art. 

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