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  1. Love this book and super excited to see were this arc goes. Seems like it might be different from the previous ones. Feels like it could be more about character and life during this time rather than mainly action and violence. Bring Ryan Kelly back!

  2. Fantatic book for the entirety of the series.  Love reading this!!!!

  3. Yeah I love this book. The only issue (or two, I forget which) I didn’t like was the one (or two) about the anatomy of a viking duel. Really hated that. I know it was just a filler between bigger arcs but all the other filler issues have been really good and that one fell flat in every way for me. Otherwise this has gotten a solid 4 or 5 from me since issue 1.

  4. I jumped on this last issue. Wasn’t too hard of a sell cuz I love DMZ.

  5. Definitely worth looking up the old issues.

  6. @uspunx lol.  the issue with the viking duel was one of my favorites.  I think that comes with my love of history and ancient warfare though.

  7. @vada: haha lol indeed. For me it just didn’t do much. I think part of it was coming right off the arc it did (which I loved) it was just much different and didn’t work for me. When I say didn’t work I probably still gave it a 3 but compared to the rest of the series it wasn’t my favorite. Actually thought the Sven one shot was a little weak too but that is still my favorite arc so I have a soft spot for anything Sven related.

  8. @uspunx yeah.  series’ like this one, it’s easier to judge by the series as a whole instead of individual issues.  There have been individual issues that I didn’t like as much, but the series in its entirety has been above reproach. 

  9. Agreed.

  10. New issues of Northlanders and Unknown Soldier on the same day. NICE!

  11. I just hope she doesn’t have to hook-up with Oldman Rasputin to get her medicine.

  12. There is no way I can wait more than eight months for a trade of this…

  13. Another great issue. I loved that last page with the footprints in the snow. That was so awesome.

  14. Just read this and, while the story is excellent, the art here is something else.  I’ve liked Fernandez in the past, but never loved him.  Howver that’s changed here.  The use of lighting and negative space in the snow scenes (is that the right term, I’m never quite sure) is a masterclass.  Storytelling at it’s most stylish…

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