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DenverDave10/30/09NoRead Review
robbydzwonar10/29/09YesRead Review
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  1. LOVE THIS BOOK! Perfect opportunity to check it out if you haven’t yet. 

  2. so far I’ve read the first trade and issue 20. really looking forwrd to jumping on for some battle axe swinging goodness

  3. Yes! I’ve been trying to pimp the heck out of this book, but it seems Ron is doing a better job than I. This is great stuff.

  4. I’ve been buying this book since issue one and its the first issue that I’m not buying. This series is written for trades. I’m trade waiting from now on.

  5. @rockingeek I really haven’t felt that way, especially since there have been quite a few 1 or two issue stories.

  6. Not a big fan of Brian Wood, but I’ll the new arc a shot

  7. Will give this series another shot with this issue, thanks to the pimpage of Rustyautoparts!

  8. Woot! Hope you enjoy it.

  9. The Talksplode sold me, I’m going to give this arc a try.  Honestly, the longevity of some titles is the reason I don’t keep up with them.  I don’t have time to read all the old trades.  I will take this opportunity however.

  10. @patman2 – Same here! Although, I didnt like this issue, I think it’ll get better…so ill pick the next one

  11. My shop didn’t get a copy.

  12. Great issue, thanks for the heads up Rusty. Very strong on both art & writing. I will definitely be getting the next issue.

  13. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Wade. This was an excellent issue. What I love about this series is the vast range of stories that can be told. From war stories to more human relation stories like this, nothing ever feels like a retread. I love Brain Wood’s writing, and all of the artists have been top notch. Great stuff.

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