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  1. Switching to trade after seeing that there is a massive 8 issue arc coming up. Really like this book though.

  2. the first story arc was 8 issues… why does that necessitate trade-waiting?

  3. The last two issues (the stand alone and the first part of this story) were two of my favorite issues of the series. Loving it!

  4. I see the point in having the whole arc at once, but I just don’t get the trade waiting. If the stories are this good, how can you wait 10 months until the arc is published in trade? You are a man of much patience!

  5. I certainly can’t wait for the trade.  I’m too OCD to wait for that shit.  The only stuff I could wait for in trade at this point is all of the terrible Marvel comics I used to love.

  6. @skeets

    I bought the first trade on FCBD. Loved it. Jumped on in issues. So I started with 17. I just figure long arc stories are better in trade. 

  7. Hmmm, well I’m of the mindset that if I love a book I support it in singles. You could always let the issues pile up before reading them, but to each his own.

  8. @skeets

    I used to follow that, but then I realized that I shouldn’t be obligated to be a charity. I hardly have money anyway. And I’d enjoy it more in trade. So I don’t see the point in supporting a broken business model.

  9. hell yes! Sven is coming back!! I thought the Sven arc was the strongest.

  10. Weird ending and it don’t give us any new story.

    @miyamotofreak- yes its best to wait for the trades. I feel like him paying for the fucking ads. 

  11. @miyamoto – Well if no one supports the singles, there wont be any trades to wait for. And really, I only have that mentality for Vertigo/indie stuff that needs all the support it can get, but I understand if it’s a financial thing.


    As for this issue… The first half of it was really strong, but I didn’t get what I expected out of the ending. Not sure whether that’s good or bad yet, but I’ll give a 4/5.

  12. This book is amazing.

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