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  1. this looks fun – i wish more of the characters in the various arcs tied together but still an outstanding series

  2. I kind of like that they don’t tie together, but wouldn’t mind seeing reappearances from some of the more interesting characters.

  3. Well, we will be seeing Sven after this arc.

  4. @miyamotofreak Seriously?  That’s awesome!!! Sven and the Irish bad-ass were my 2 favorite characters thus far.

  5. @miyamotofreak That’s actually a little disheartening. I liked the whole anthology feel of the book. That said, I read an interview about this arc that was both thrilling and a little disappointing. While I know the book is ground level and wasn’t going to give a mythologized-take on the Valkyries, I was hoping for something a bit more meaty! I didn’t realized it was only a 2 issue story! As well, the interview brought up the Norns (He seemed to think they were interchangeable with the Valkyrie) and I’m not sure if Wood was trying to make the best of it by incorporating the Norns into his answer, or if there will be an attempt to kitbash the two together. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes.

    As well, my favorite story of the series so far was the Lindisfarne story. I started out really loving the Cross and the Hammer, but it petered out at the end, sadly. Still… I love this book.

  6. @PraxJarvin The preview clearly shows the Norns and includes quotes from what I assume is a Viking saga… seems to me this is a story mostly about the Norns but since the women say they are "going to resist" maybe that’s where the warrior women aka the valkyries come into it?  

     And the return of Sven seems to only be a one-shot, so I think the anthology structure of the series is still there.



  7. @PraxJarvin The Lindisfarne story was only a 2-shot also, but still told a good story.

  8. This issue read kinda fast. Not crazy about it, but i did enjoy the art. Especially the establishing shots.

  9. This was my favorite individual book yet.

  10. Real vicking/pirate life.

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