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NORTH 40 #6 (OF 6)

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  1. This issue ended awkwardly, like I was expecting another page or two to wrap the issue up. Not quite a cliffhanger in my opinion.

  2. I have enjoyed this series from Day 1 and have looked forward to each issue.  When it started I wasn’t sure if it was a mini or ongoing.  I imagine from the way the 6th issue ended that Wildstorm’s PTB have decided to let Williams (and hopefully Staples) an opportunity to create another mini or two.

    Up until the last two pages, the comic provides enough scares and thrills to satisfy most readers of the series. Answers to most of the questions/subplots are provided, again with the last few pages proving that there is more story to tell North of 40.


  3. I really enjoyed this series, but it definitely feels like a quick-wrap there in the end.

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