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NO HERO #4 (OF 7)

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%


  1. So cool. The art is beautiful, plus the story is so wicked compelling!

  2. This art leaves me stunned…’s….disgusting the amount of detail he does.  I literally walked around to all my buddies at my LCS when the last issue came out and everyone was blown away when they saw those 3(or 4) double page splashes he did in the last issue. I’m not particularly crazy about the style but any style done with this level of ability is impossible to ignore

  3. hardcover waiting… 

  4. so far it’s no Black Summer, but really worth picking up.

  5. Last issue’s art was a mindfuck. Hopefully I remembered to put this in my pull list.

  6. Great issue.  Interesting story. Love the unpredictability of FX7. The art continues to ooze with detail.  JJR is easily becoming one of my favorite artists.

  7. @WetWork – Lol i thought you put JRJR. My first thought was, "this poor guy is delusional."

     The other day i saw a comic that Ryp did with alan moore that was black and white…seriously took so much focus to see what was going on in the panels cause of all the details without any colors to give definition. Ryp is truly a madman

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