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  1. Such a shame about this book getting the axe. This arc has been really great.

  2. @Viewt… it sells well, so I’m sure the cancellation is just a promotional stunt.

  3. @templar … could be .

  4. @Viewt – Seconded. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of this book lately. If the cancellation’s a promotional stunt, which it probably it, they’d better bring it back with Tomasi. He’s done a great job with this.

  5. @Eyun- I completely agree.  I have thoroughly enjoyed Tomasi on Nightwing.  And I have enjoyed this arc in particular.

  6. Yeah, this is pretty much being done for a promotional stunt, because why wouldn’t they have just canned the series at 150 if it weren’t selling well? It’s always preferable to go out on an Ani. issue, this way it looks purposeful.

    I’ve been enjoying the story, and hope that Tomasi gets some more exposure from this. I’ve been enjoying his run here, on GLC (even if he has an unnatural love of Mongul!) and on Black Adam. 

  7. It’ll just be re-titled to "Dick Grayson: Batman" or some junk like that (depending on how RIP ends) so they can restart the numbering.

  8. I don’t care what they call it, as long as they keep Tomasi on it and he continues to pump out storylines of this caliber, I’ll be buying it.

  9. they seriously gotta make the phillip tan cover a poster. i would buy that in a heartbeat!

  10. You know, I just got into this title a few months back. Like #145.  How come everything always gets canceled once I start reading it?  Am I like a bad luck charm or something?

  11. Slight spoiler

    Solid issue.  Some of the art was fairly weak, but this is how a Nightwing story should work (in my opinion) other than the fact that he killed two goons in that blimp.  I am not sure Bats would approve.

  12. @stuclach, I kept thinking about that scene… I think they were supposed to look like they were falling in the river, but it sure felt like a deadly drop. :/

  13. @Alexferrer – I would like to think that, but a blimp filled to the brim with acid exploding near me isn’t likely to leave me in very good shape (landing in a river or not).  We can assume they didn’t die, but I would like to have seen it portrayed less ambiguously.  I generally have no problem with the concept of weighing the needs of the many and the needs of the few and making a decision, as in this case he might feel he needs to let two die to save 1,000’s.  However, if a character is supposed to be vehemently opposed to killing they need to make it clearer that he either didn’t kill or had to struggle very hard with the decision I described above (and its consequences).

  14. Now, I probably totally missed something, but why did the blimps all follow Nightwing down into the water? 

  15. @Garret: Each of the blimps had a rope and hook at the top, which Nightwing took one by one and connected them all.

    Then, in an impressive display of comic book physics, when Dick maneuvered the first one, all the others followed in line. 🙂

  16. The art was solid, and the story moved along very well, but I only gave this a 3 because it had some serious plot flaws.  The climax of the story simply didn’t hold together for me.  The crazy plan by Two-Face to use blimps as an acid delivery system, the decision by the police sharpshooters to back off, they way Nightwing defeats the evil plan – it all seemed incredibly contrived and silly to read.  In the end I found this to be the weakest issue of the story arc.  On the other hand, the most interesting part of it were the very heavy allusions (capped off by next issue’s cover) that Dick is well on his way to becoming the new Batman.

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