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  1. the preview at newsarama showed some gorgeous Rags artwork for this issue, not Kramer.  I have enjoyed Tomasi’s handle on Nightwing a lot but, no offense to Kramer, this book only really pops for me when Rags is doing the pencils.   

  2. I think that both artists have very similar styles, which helps a lot, but Kramer’s Nightwing looks to old

  3. This appears to be happening after Batman RIP (not a spoiler because it is given away in the solicit) and Dick isn’t in the Batman costume and Alfred is alive.  Interesting.

    This was an enjoyable issue, but the cliffhanger at the end seems a little less impressive when you remember what Alfred said the bullets were laced with.

  4. At least we know Alfred is’nt the Black Glove and does’nt die.  And that ending was awesome.

  5. @stuclash – I agree with you about the last page being kind of silly.  It’s a dead give away.  They could have at least made it something we could believe and that way it would be more of a twist when we find out whats really going on.  Blah.  But it was an okay issue.  Not all that great but its okay.

  6. @CharlieBlix – I agree.  The last page was so over the top that it was not believable.  However, it sure was pretty.

  7. Another cool issue, but I really wish that Tomasi wasn’t forced to cram in these RIP mentions just so that DC can label it a "tie-in". Apart from the obvious continuity contradictions (try sayin’ that when you’re drunk) it’s so obviously forced into an already established story that it’s distracting. Tomasi was already kickin’ ass on this book, & trying to tie into Morrison’s one man show has detracted from this book, not enhanced it.

    Still a solid issue though. I loved the scenes with Alfred. "The Brave & The Bald." =D

  8. @WadeWilson – that line made me literally laugh out loud when I was reading it. Loved this issue.

  9. was a good  issue … last page has to be a hallucination..

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