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  1. just a quick question about this issue. Is this part 2 of the R.I.P. tie in?  I was afraid i missed the first part of it.

  2. This is the first R.I.P. issue of Nightwing.

  3. I sense this will be a tie-in in name only.  Dick will only mention Bruce’s disappearance or the Black Glove.

  4. Totally agree with Kory, and I think that’s the best way to handle most of these tie-ins. Especially in a book that’s as solid as this, I prefer it if things are referenced but not too distracting. Having said that, if RIP’s gonna shake up the Batman universe as much as G-Mo claims, you can’t really not involve Dick and Tim…

    So I just stepped all over my own point! 

  5. well yeah, if it were a true tie in it’d be 23 pages of Dick foaming at the mouth, rolling around in a padded cell, although… I’m sure that could be interesting.

  6. @Anson- I was being facetious. 

    Hopefully we won’t see a drugged up Dick dressed up as the Nightwing of Zurr-En-Arhh or whatever it was called.

  7. Agreed.  I hope they don’t just brand this book RIP for the sake of branding it.  Sure they shouldn’t change the book for it, but at the same time I want anything with the Batman RIP on it to impact the  main story and not just give passing glances at it.

  8. I hate it when they brand books with an event, and then the book has nothing to do with it (like the last issue of Detective) so even though I’d prefer this book to stay away from RIP, if it’s branded as a tie-in, then it should tie-in in some real way, not just mention some names that have nothing to do with the story at hand, like Detective did. Longest sentence ever?

  9. @ Kory – I know, I was just having fun with the image.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.  Damn internet.

  10. I would just like to point out… Don Kramer on art? Oh hell yes…

  11. @Anson- It’s cool, I was just clarifying so no one would think I was serious.

  12. Awesome issue. I’d be mad if I bought this just for the RIP stuff (it was bascially nothing), but I buy this book anyway, so it doesn’t affect me. I’m glad Tomasi didn’t have to veer too far off course of bringing some respect back to Nightwing, and needlessly tie into RIP heavily.

    It’s so good to have a solid Nightwing book again … it’s been a long time!

  13. @Wade – And so say we all! 🙂

  14. I gather this storyline will show us how RICHARD ended up in Arkham foaming at the mouth.

  15. And Tomasi is owning Nightwing.

  16. would Two-face know what’s going on with Batman right now if this happens before Nitghwing goes to Arkham? 

  17. I think this all takes place the night Tim called him for help.  And when this is done he’ll be attacked and locked up in Arkham.

    Time does’nt matter with G-Mo, perhaps Batman had been spotted wearing the multi-color batsuit earlier that night or the day before.  That’s how Harvey knows what’s going on.

  18. This was a fantastic issue, the only thing marring it in my eyes was Dick getting shot.  I mean honestly, can’t the man invest in some better armor – it’s starting to get ridiculous.

  19. I was thinking something similar adrian. Why do writers waste time with a cliffhanger like that? What percentage of readers would actually think Nightwing is in any danger of dying? One percent? Less? I think making expendable characters get hurt (like the woman in this issue) would work a million times better as a cliffhanger, because even if you don’t care so much about them, at least it’s very possibe they will die. 

  20. Didn’t one of the other RIP tie-ins put Nightwing drooling in Arkham?

  21. RE: Nightwing in Gotham

    Wasn’t that just The Jokers imagination?

  22. Sorry, meant RE: Nightiwng in Arkham

  23. @thebouv — Yeah man, that was in the last issue of Batman (I think). I’m guessing this story in Nightwing happens before that scene, but continuity is so loose these days, maybe it will never be explained at all.

    @Kartoff — The scene where The Joker killed Nightwing was in The Joker’s imagination, but the scene with Nightwing drooling was not … or as far as we know it’s not. It could be someone’s dream, it could be real, it could be a drug hallucination, it could be anything. That’s the annoying thing about RIP (for me).

  24. I read this issue and was thankful Tomasi got to just keep rolling with his Nightwing story. Yeah, very little RIP tie in it would seem….. but I liked that.

  25. @thebouv-  None of these are really tie-ins other than Robin.  detective, nightwing and  batman/outsiders are not necessary for RIP.

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