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  1. Anyone know if this is the start of a new arc that I can jump onto – i really want to jump in.

  2. It’s definitely a new arc or a stand-alone that builds on the previous arc, but I’d call this book (generally) new reader friendly (though it looks like they couldn’t nail down an artist for this issue).

  3. I’m diggin’ Tomasi’s run, but I’m too cool with the idea of Nightwing flying around on a hang glider all the time … it seems way old school.

    It reminds me of the "Whirly bats" … *shudder*

  4. @mattk – Jump on dude, pretty sure it’s a good time. This book is so good right now it’s ridiculous.

    The huge list or artists credited has me nervous, but I’m loving Tomasi’s writing.

  5. I would still suggest getting all of the stuff Tomasi has done if you can.  This issue will relate to it according to the blurb about it and not too mention the other stuff he’s done so far is amazingly good.

  6. na na na na na na na na na NIGHTWING!!!!!!!

  7. @ Superyan – LMAO!!! Dude, that made my day!

  8. @Eyun – Ha, glad I could help.  I’ve been watching too much of the old 60’s Batman tv show lately.  The song was in my head…

  9. @Superyan – And now it’s been in my head for 3 days straight, but only with the ‘Nightwing’ twist at the end! Ordinarily this would be annoying, but I still think it’s awesome! 😀

  10. I’m loving Tomasi’s Nightwing! This is the best the book has been in years. The only thing I didn’t like about this issue was multiple artists … I always find that a bit jarring.

    Sweet issue overall though — 4/5 baterangs for me.

  11. Jumping on with this issue after staying away for the last 2 years and it wasn’t bad.  It takes a bit for me to let go of Nightwing’s Gotham attachments as they’re really making the effort to give him his own world while keeping him connected but it’s going well from what I’ve seen.

    My only problem with this issue would have to be that there sure were a lot of words in that conversation with Talia.  Need to cut that down a bit or stetch it out over a few more pages.  It really ruined the flow of the comic for me to suddenly have to stop and read paragraph after paragraph. 

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